Thursday, March 8, 2012

59th Nation Film Award Announced on March 7th Wednesday.

The prestigious Award given for the artists and technicians in the movie and film industry of India, the National Film Awards, 2012 is declared on March 7th, 2012. Regional films bagged more awards this time. The awards are to be given away in a colorful ceremony on May 3rd, 2012. 

Here are the lists of the Awards:

The Best Hindi film is           -  I AM
Best Feature films are         -  Byari and Deool
The Best actor (male) is      -  Girish Kulkarni
Best Best actor (female)     -  Vidya Balan ( the Dirty picture)
Best Special Effects            -  Ra One
Best Children's film             -  Chillar Party
Best Screen play                -  Chillar Party 
Best Child Artist                 -   Partho Gupta     
Best make-up                    -   Vikram Gaekwad (The Dirty Picture)
Best Male Playback Singer-  Mohit Chauhan
Best female Singer            -  
Best Special Effects          -  Ra One
Best Lyrics                        -  Amithab Bhattacharya

Best Malayalam film           - Indian Rupee (directed by Ranjith)
Best Director                      - Gurvinder Singh (Anhe Ghorey Da Daan)

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