Monday, March 12, 2012

Asainet Vodafone Comedy Stars - The final winning team is

Vodafone Comedy stars has emerged as the highly rated popular show of Asainet Malayalm Channel. All the  teams have done (have been doing) their best, though many teams that presented a lot of laughter moments are unfortunately not in the race now. Those teams who are out and said good bye to this popular comedy show are also highly gifted and talented artists.

As the competition is very tightly increasing and the show is going towards the end, there is a difficult work both for the judges and the people who watch this show regularly... to choose the final winner...! It is a very difficult task indeed.

For example The shows performed on March 11th and 12th, 2012 by Team Comedy Cousins, Team VIP and Team Four Stars were all superb. All the artists of all these three teams have done their best to form a wonderful script and to present it without losing any spice or humour. Though each item was better than the other in every aspect, many people were overwhelmed and surprised to see team VIP's captain Nelson's stunning performance imitating South Indian Superstar Rajanikanth. His costumes, gestures and actions were unidentifiable and he put all the viewers in a spell. The silent appearance of Nobi in Team VIP itself makes one laugh...!

The Post office depicted by Team Four stars under the leadership of Ullas was also exceptional. It brought out the attitude and the work some post men have been doing in the post offices... tearing off and throwing away letters....!

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