Thursday, March 1, 2012

Italian marines mistake and the stand of the Governments of Kerala and India.

The unfortunate incident of shooting to death the two fishermen of Kerala by the two mariners of the Italian ship, by mistake thinking them to be pirates, has become a top most issue for the government of India for nearly  two weeks since the incident. The people who shot at the ill-fated fishermen confessed the mistake and agreed to make good the loss by paying suitable compensations.

Many people in the country have started asking why this incident got so much priority and publicity. When our county is not able to rescue or interfere in the matters of its citizens welfare and security when related to some other countries why the governments are giving too much hype for this accidental incident occurred by mistake...?

It is also notable that those marines who committed this crime have already agreed and confessed of it, and it will be good if our politions and government involve in this incident for the welfare of the bereaved family who lost their beloved ones and try to get them maximum compensations, without anticipating any political mileage in the coming bye-elections.

After all we all know that nobody can bring the dead back....but we can reduce the pain of the dear ones of the deceased...!!!

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