Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A.P by election 2012 Kovvur / Telengana Results announced

The people of Andhra Pradesh have been keenly and anxiously awaiting to know the outcome of the prestigious by-election for the seven state Assembly seats held in Kovvur in Nellore district of coastal Andhra Pradesh along with six other constituencies in Telengana areas on March 21st, 2012. The counting of votes started on March 21st at 8.00 am as scheduled earlier in strict security.

With the three prominent parties of Andhra Pradesh contested for this election and to win the verdict of the people prior to the by elections scheduled to be held shortly for 17 more Assembly constituencies in the state, the chief rivals The ruling Congress Party (INC), the Strength gaining Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the newly constructed party the YSR Congress Party all seriously consider the victory in these elections is inevitable in the Kovvur seat. Where as in the Telengana region the Telengana sentiment is visible in the final results.

The Official Final Results of the Election Commission of India, with the Party-wise and candidate-wise votes secured in all the seven constituencies and the winning candidates, the margin of votes all can be seen here in the election commissions's official website:

At last the counting comes to an end with the following results:

TRS Candidates won in four seats ---- 4
BJP Candidate won in one seat -------1
YSRC candidate won in one seat -----1
Independant won in one seat.   --------1             Making a total of seven....!
Total seats  ---------------------------7

Assembly Constituency        (Party)       Name of Candidate who won       Majority

Kovvur                              (YSRC)        Prasanna Kumar                           24666
Adilabad                             (TRS)          Jogu Ramanna                               31396
Kollapur                             (TRS)          Joopalli Krishnarao                        15013
Kamareddy                         (TRS)         Gampa Govardhan                         44465
Station Ghanpur                  (TRS)          Rajaiah                                          32683
Mahabubnagar                    (BJP)          Yennam Srinivas Reddy                   1538
Nagarkurnool                      (IND)         Nagam Janardhan Reddy                18651

Note: Please check the actual and final results with the election commissions website:

The peoples' popular opinion is that the Congress Party which is ruling the state is having many leaders behaving like coalition allies and dictating the chief minister just like the Prime Minister is dictated by allies like Trinmool Congress...!

If the Congress wants to see any victory in the seventeen Assembly Elections to be held in six months, it should take stern action on all the corrupt people including ministers with out any fear or favor....!

Many others including Congress loyalists feel that the PCC chief Botcha Satyanarayana, who is heavily involved in many corruptions, is a burden and a curse to the Congress Party in general and the chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy in particular, not allowing him to do anything independently and fairly....!!!

It is high time for the Congress Party to open its eyes...

Please add your comments....! Thanks.

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