Saturday, March 17, 2012

Record polling percentage in Piravom 85.6... or above 90 percent...?

The poll cast by the voters of Piravom today is stated to be record polling. In eight polling booths the poll percentages have gone above ninety percent and the total percentage is expected to rise at the end of today's by-election.

With the highest percentage of votes recorded, both the fronts are very confident of winning the much fought Assembly by election.

While a confident LDF candidate M J Jacob claimed that the high percentage of votes polled will go in advantage to him, the UDF contestant Anoop Jacob seemed to be much more confident stating that the results which is to be declared after the counting of votes on March 21st will prove his victory with comfortable majority.

Though there are minor allegations of fake votings, the polling in general ended peacefully.

Your Comments, opinions and guesses Please....!

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