Monday, March 12, 2012

Vivel 'Kaiyil Oru kodi; Are You Ready'? in Surya T.V. Coming soon...!

The leading T.V Network of South India, the SUN Network has come out with another novel intellectual reality game show on Sun TV's networks in South India. The show is sponsored by Vivel soap. The title of the show is 'Kaiyil Oru kodi; Are You Ready'? Its Tamil version has just started in Sun T.V from March 10th, (Saturday) and is to be hosted on Saturdays and Sundays in the evenings at the prime time.The program is coming soon in Malayalam, in Surya T.V. which is a sister concern of  Sun TV ...!

Kaiyil Oru Kodi Are U Ready is starting from March 26th ,2012 (Monday) onward in Surya TV Malayalam Channel...!

Upcoming film heroine Mamata Mohandas is hosting this game show in Malayalm in Surya TV. It is an intellectual TV reality show, little different form the traditional other crorepathi and Ningalkum Akam Kodeeshwaran programs. In the other crorepathi programs, the prize money value is added up and will increase with each and every correct answer, where as here, the money is deducted and will decrease with every wrong answer....!

Here they will first hand over one crores of Indian Rupees (oru kodi) to the participant and ask him/her seven questions one by one. If the contestant answers all the seven questions correctly, he/she can win that one crore Rupees and he becomes a crorepathi (kodeeswaran). For each wrong answer the participant gives, the prize money will be deducted subsequently from the one crore kept in front of him, and if all the answer given by the contestant are wrong, he/she can go out peacefully, leaving all the amount there....!

However every participant will get an opportunity to see and touch real currency notes of one crore claim to be the owner of that money till he is out....! Want to participate and go home with one crore....? Watch this blog to find out How to participate in Kayyil orukody program and other details and instructions that are updated at the appropriate times here....!

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  1. Surya TV's 'Kaiyil Orukody, are u ready' programme is expected to overtake Asianet's 'Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran' reality game show, as it has only seven questions....!

  2. Surya TV'S KayilOrukody, are U ready programme is very interesting and give me a very knowledge.It is entirely different from other game shows..Thank you...........


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