Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who will win the Republican Nomination in US... The Final Candidate to contest with Barack Obama in November, 2012...?

The main question that still raises in the people's mind is who will be the finalist to compete with the sitting american President Barack Obama for the Presidential seat in November, 2012. After a lot of tiresome campaigns and voting, which could not give a clear picture about the conclusion of the of Republican candidate yet, both the candidates and the voters are looking for an early solution. The fight for the Republican nominee is increasingly bitter and there is neck to neck competition.

Though different opinion polls and surveys give different results some favoring Rick Santorum and others favoring Mitt Romney, finalizing the Republican nominee has become a complex process with the fluctuating leads both the candidates are getting from different states and quarters.

The latest news is that the GOP Presidential race is going to slow down as the contesting candidates and the voters are seeking for a break. According to reports, Mitt Romney has gone t his own home for a break after a long gap. Another candidate Newt Gingrich was caught by cams as sleeping.

Even the enthusiastic voters and the people are losing interest as the selection process of the presidential candidate is slowing down, consuming more time.

Please add your comments and your guess below....!

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