Thursday, March 22, 2012

World Record Indian Coal Scam - Corruption amounting to $ 210 billion...!!!

The unimaginable 2G Scam which amounted to 1.7 lakh crores of Rupees, resulting to the dismissal, arrest and imprisonment of the Telecom Cabinet Minister of India and several other top politicians and leaders was the biggest of all scams the people of India (probably the world) have heard about. The amount which was grabbed and swallowed by those involved it was so high that it was very difficult even to calculate for an ordinary person...!

Now comes another scam which is much much higher than that...! The Coal Mines Scam of India...! According to the CAG (Comptroller and Auditor General of India) the corruption involved in the cheap sale of the coal lands is 210 billion US Dollars. The Indian exchequer suffered a very huge loss of about 10 lakhs 75,500 crore of Indian Rupees....! In other words the amount in figures is --- Rs.10,755,684,482,192.00 .......!!!

The situation in India has reached in such a stage that people are are forgetting everything when they get an opportunity to grab the government (people's) property. They are trying to devour too huge size which their mouths cannot afford...! The politicians and bureaucrats are engaging in activities of fraud, cheating and betraying their mother land, and they are being caught and are sent to the jails. Even those who see this are not afraid or ashamed to commit deliberate criminal conspiracies of Cheating the country and its citizens.

Even the arrest of the former Army generals today in Hyderabad, involved in Adarsh Building scam, points that there are corrupt people in every department of India. It is a serious threat for the very security and integrity of the Country. If those who are responsible to defend the country are attracted to illegal money and wealth, what guarantee we have that they will not betray the country by selling the defense, weaponry and other important strategical secrets of our country to the enemy ....???

The people's common opinion is that the laws of the land should be amended and all those who involve in corruption like this should be killed in public and the money and wealth they amassed in unlawful way should be confiscated by the Country with out any mercy or sympathy....!

Will it ever happen...? Will the country ever be corrupt free...???

How will India be saved...? Who can save India...? Please add your comments.

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