Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Indian Army Chief attempted 'coup d'etat'....? Shocking news in Indian Express News Paper.

The ongoing row and sensational statements of the Indian Army's chief  General V.K Singh on the Government of India and its prestigious army created a lot of flutter and was 'very alarming'. There are some establishments in the country that are revered much and the Military Service is one of them.

The 'discipline of the military' is taught as an example in schools and colleges. And the obedience, perseverance and the loyalty of the defense personnel are considered as the best and exemplary.

Many great generals served in the Indian Army, starting from General Kariappa. They gave their best to their departments out of their love for their mother lands. The recent controversial remarks and disclosures of the out going army general V.K Singh on the condition of the great Indian Army was very alarming and unfortunate.

People of the country are of the opinion that the general had some 'personal agenda' and as they were foiled, he was depressed and attacking and finding faults with the institution for which he was serving.

Today's news report in the popular Indian daily, Indian Express (April 4th, 2012) was very shocking and it raises a doubt in the people's minds that the army chief general V.K Singh hacked and planned an unsuccessful army coup d'etat on January 16th and 17th, 2012 which was identified by the IB and immediately foiled.

The paper showed clear proof of two key units of the Indian Army marched towards the National Capital without informing the Ministry of Defense or others concerned. However the Intelligence Bureau spotted this movement of the army units and the they were ordered to return back immediately.  It was on that day the army chief general VK Singh approached the Supreme Court with regard to his date of birth issue.

Any how it is an eye opener for the corrupt and selfish politicians to be alert and work for the country and her people.

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