Friday, April 20, 2012

Italy approaches Supreme Court: Kerala has no right to detain ship and proceed with the case.

The Central Government has told in the Supreme Court in the accidental shooting and killing of the Kerala fishermen by two Italian Marines, that the state government has no authority to detain the Italian Ship 'Enrica Lexie' and to carry out the shooting investigation as the incident occurred in the National Territory.

As this 'accidental shooting incident' has become a hot and spicy topic for several politicians and communal agents, many people who think above parochial and selfish motives feel that this incident was given too much of  coverage by some political and communal forces and by some print and electronic media.

What are accidents...? Accidents are the dangers that occur to us unexpectedly. Immediately after the 'mistakenly shooting and killing' the Italian Marines had publicly confessed and accepted committing the crime by mistake...!

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  1. Why not Kerala CM answer the logic behind detaining the ship Enrica Lexie to Supreme Court which has posed the question instead of asking to remove the ASG Mr.Rawal who has told a plain truth? Or let CM state where exactly, the latitude and longitude of the spot where the shooting occurred. What is the use of repeating like a parrot that 'it occurred in Indian waters' again and again? Why the delay in preferring the case in court. Even after nearly three months the police is yet to put the case in the court and ask for extension of the judicial custody of the marines. Do the government have a case at all? Is the government waiting just for the out of court settlement of the ransom amount?


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