Thursday, April 19, 2012

Neyyattinkara By Election 2012. Campaign started by all parties. Who will win...?

As the election campaign for the 2012 by poll for the hot Legislative Assembly seat of Neyyattinkara in Kerala began, there is vigorous campaigning taking place there by both the rival fronts of Kerala - UDF and LDF.

While the UDF has decided to support R Selvaraj who has resigned from the LDF following rift with the left front leaders, the LDF has announced officially its candidate F Lawrence, who is a loyal CPI(M) activist and a member of the Nadar community to which R. Selvaraj also Belongs. The BJP who hopes for a better performance in the constituency is planning to field O.Rajagopal as its candidate.

While some people who are BJP sympathizers believe if the BJP works properly, leaving aside their differences  they (the BJP) can win this seat as the main election battle is between two people belonging to the same NADAR community and same Religion.

How ever it is seen as a tough time for the UDF, different from that of the Piravom experience, owing to their constant fight inside for the Muslim League's fifth ministry and all the controversies that followed...!

However many people opine strongly that the statements of aired by NSS General Secretary Sukumaran Nair or the SNDP President Vellappally Nadesan have very little effect on the people of the Nair and Ezhava communities who have clear political affiliations...!

Please add your opinions and views below....! Thanks.


  1. bjp has a chance

  2. BJP should win because there is only two options now,LDF and UDF ,,If Bjp come people will have more option ,,,,

  3. neyyatinkara shud vote for o rajagopal! v hav 2 giv bjp a chance

  4. New era starts...... BJP has the chance.


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