Tuesday, April 10, 2012

'Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeshwaran', in Asianet Sample Questions and Answers...!

As the number of people showing interest in participating in the Super-hit TV game reality show, 'Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeshwaran' in Asianet Malayalam TV Channel at 8 pm on week days, to play and try their luck to win one crore Rupees, we have decided to list some sample questions and multiple answers to facilitate the contestants to prepare well and win more money.

Probable model/sample Questions are being prepared by our experts and will be posted here shortly.

Dear smart, intelligent and clever visitor, you too can add some model questions and their multiple answers below for the convenience and benefit of those searching for support. It will be a great social work and very beneficial for all those who seek wisdom. Even students and candidates who are preparing for various competitive exams can make use of some of these questions and their options...!

Thanks, Regards and Best of Luck to all in advance....!

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