Sunday, May 27, 2012

Congress and TDP making secret arrangements in Nellore by poll...?

The news that appeared in the print media yesterday is unbelievable...! The two major political parties in Andhra pradesh state Congress and the Telugu Desam have come to a secret understanding in Nellore to support one another to defeat thier common enemy, the YSR Congress Party...!

According to the understanding, the Telugu Desam party will support and vote for the Congress Loksabha (MP) candidate in Nellore and in return, the Congress will support and vote for the Telugu Desam Legislative assembly candidate. Thus by supporting one another, both the parties want to see that YSRCP candidate lose the Nellore Loksabha by election to be held on June 12th, 2012.

If this findings by the news paper is true, we have to seriously understand that our Democracy is at danger. All the responsible citizens of the country should unite together to save India, forgetting political or communal lines.

Please add some ideas below how we can save our country.

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