Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Karnataka former CM Yeddyurappa to Join Congress...?

The former BJP Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa who was replaced of his CM's chair facing several corruption cases, has warned the BJP head quarters that he would leave the party with a good number of his supporting MLAs and MPs if he is not made the chief Minister of Karnataka replacing the present CM Sadananda Gouda immediately.

His sudden stand of showering praises for the Congress President Sonia Gandhi is considered as an indication to his plan of moving towards the Congress Party to get its support to get back the Chief Ministers throne and to escape from the investigations he is presently facing.

But the Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari has ruled out of any possibility of including BS Yeddyurappa into its fold and rejected any such proposals to join a person whom the Congress was criticizing for more than four years.

Even the people's popular opinion is that no party should accommodate anybody from other parties, whose only intention is to remain in power and to escape the investigations and punishments.

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