Thursday, May 17, 2012

People's Opinion on Drunk Shah Ruck Khan's misbehavior - Banned by Mumbai Cricket Association...!

Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner and popular Indian cine actor Shah Ruck Khan got involved in an unpopular ugly spat with some officials of the Mumbai Cricket Association following last night's IPL match in a heavily drunken situation.

This controversial behavior of the Indian cine idol SRK has created a big surprise in many people including his fans and admirers. It is opined that such dirty behaviors will only spoil the reputation of anyone.

Celebrities also have every right to booze or to behave like others. But they should be aware that they are being closely observed and followed by millions of people specially the youth. All the actions, dressings, styles, even their habits are considered as a great thing to follow by the fans and many try to imitate their favorite celebrity in most things.

It should be appreciated that another popular Indian actor Hrithik Roshan quit the habit of smoking, to set a good example for his fans and followers and to prevent any one from imitating his bad example. Some people opine that these repeated misbehaviour of this Bollywood super star is due to his mental pressure nowadays...!

Many people wonder why Shahruck Khan (SRK) behaves badly in the public and loses his temper for even simple reasons like manhandling one of his closest associates and husband of actress Farah Khan, director Sirish Kunder...!

Shah Rukh Khan is reportedly banned for life from entering the Wankhede stadium in future for his ugly misbehavior. The higher a person's reputation grows, he should strive to retain it....!

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