Friday, May 25, 2012

Petrol Price steep hike - all parties condemn strongly and planning National agitations

The steepest petrol price hike in the country made yesterday by the petroleum companies, which is considered by all as a severe blow to the average common man, there is wide disagreement among all the political parties including the Congress Party. It is very ironical for the ruling Congress Party to deny any knowledge of the hike and immediately summoned back the petroleum minister who was on foreign tour.

Jaypal Reddy, the petroleum minister who hurried back to the country has ruled out any immediate possibility of roll back of petrol price. This has terribly disappointed the people of the country. And in the coming days they are going to engage in Bundhs and rastra rokos to register their protest.

Yesterday's price hike has once again made the people hate the party that rules the country. They opine and cry a party which cannot control price hikes, which cannot curb corruption and help the ordinary people, it has no moral right to continue in power. Such things are considered as a terrible setback to the party/parties which is going to the by polls next month.

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