Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Petrol price steeply hiked... Many leaders and people strongly condemn ... demand roll back...!

Immediately after celebrating its third anniversary and hosting a celebratory dinner yesterday, the UPA-II government has given its anniversary gift to the people of the country, a steep petrol price hike, that is very difficult for most of the Indians....!

This probably for the first time that such a steep increase in the petrol price is taking place in India. On an average Rs 7.50 / litre is hiked and it has caused sharp criticism and condemnation from many quarters. Most political parties including the coalition partners have condemned this action of the government and have demanded an immediate price roll back.

The political parties and people in general are expected to strike against this horrible increase in the petrol cost which is too high for the average Indian to afford.

How ever many people wonder how could the Congress-led government take or allow to take such a drastic step when the candidates belonging to the party is going for the by-poll shortly, specially during a difficult situation for the party in many states like Andhra Pradesh...!

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