Thursday, May 17, 2012

Suresh Gopi's 'Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeswaran' on Asianet Malayalam channel: complaints and grievances 2012 May 17th (Thursday)

Though the reality game Ningalkkum Aakam Kodeeswaran (NAK) show is gaining viewership and popularity on one side, there are a lot of grievances and complaints about this show aired on May 17th (Thursday), 2012. For the first time since the commencement of this show, one ordinary but devoted woman form Idukky named Shila won half a crore rupees playing intelligently in this show.

Prior to her many people claiming to be wise and intelligent participated and went away with very less amount of money in shame. But this lady intelligently won 50 lakhs of rupees (Rs.50,00000/-) by cleverly quitting from the last tricky question which would have made her go with mere 3,20,000/-...!

Congrats to Shaila and may God bless here family to live a prosperous life for her 'Strong Devotion and piety'...! She hs been praying through out the show and seeking the prayer help of all the viewers of this show world-wide...!

On the other hand, the five contestants waiting to reach the hot-seat were denied their chance for only accommodating celebrity guest Kavya Madhavan. This has decision of the organizers to deny the opportunity for the remaining contestants have given a chance for wide criticism...! Every one knows that to come upto the stage is not an easy task and one needs to pass several stages and processes to reach the fast finger entry test to the 'hot seat'.

Celebrity guests are welcome now and then to spice up the show but their entry should not affect the chance of the contestants who reach the final stage with much difficulty and hopes. These type of decisions of the producers may invite only more criticism than appreciation by disappointing the contestants and viewers....!

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