Monday, May 14, 2012

Will VS Achuthanandan (Achumama) float a new party...?

As the rift in the Kerala regional CPI(M) has escalated beyond any patch-up, the supporters of one of the founding members of Communist Party in Kerala, VS Achuthanandan are curiously raising a question whether he will flout a new party with communist ideologies similar to Communist Party of India (Marxist)...!

According to people's opinion, most of Achumama's supporters and followers have welcomed his breaking of silence against the CPI(M) leadership who are behaving like mafia dons keeping aside the party principles and ideologies...!

Though leaders like Chandrachudan are trying to patch-up the issue by mediating between VS and Pinarayi, the common opinion of the people is that the rift has gone too worse beyond cure. The former Chief Minister of Kerala was being humiliated by the party office bearers for quite a long time, though they could not do much to him as he enjoyed the support and love of a larger portion of the Communists in Kerala.

Under these circumstances, it is found that his supporters and common party workers urging him to flag a new party, as the slain leader TP Chandrasekharan did, with the silent approval and backing of VS Atchuthanadan.

The opinion of the majority Communist Party activists and sympathizers in Kerala is that VS should float a new party with the principles of Marxism in Kerala...!

What is your opinion...?

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  1. If the party continue to belittle Achumama as it is doing now. Then I think, Achumama being the most original comrade in the party may be left with no option but to start a new real communist party of the people.


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