Sunday, June 3, 2012

Anna Hazare and Ramdev begin fast at Jandar Mandir against corruption and foreign black money.

The anti-corruption crusader and popular Gandhian who formed a team to fight against the growing corruption in India, Anna Hazare has once again started his 'fast' after a long gap. This time yoga guru Ramdev also has joined him. They have commenced their fast at Jander mandir this morning.

Anna's momentum started last year got instant support of the general people from all walks of life. It was accepted by the people as a noble cause of the people. People throughout the nook and corner of the country became his fans and joined the war on corruption. It was a massive successful people's movement until ....

Suddenly Anna Hazare got the support of BJP which is considered as a political party and he slightly got inclined towards it. Prior to that Baba Ramdev declared his support to Team Anna which started the common peace-loving secular people doubt Anna's team fearing it has some hidden 'Hindutva agenda' behind it.

The common opinion of the people is that such leaders like Anna Hazare who have grown up in the Gandhian principles should keep away from any individuals or organizations or communal forces or parties that have no religious tolerance, as religious intolerance is equally worse as corruption.

In spite of all the fasts and agitations conducted by Anna and his team with huge public backing, people wonder  why the Government of India could not pass a strong Lokpal bill that is capable of rooting out corruption from the Indian soil which is the main reason that blocks the development of the country.

People of India who have lost faith in any political parties are badly in need of a crusader like Anna Hazare to lead the war on corruptions and other social evils.

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