Sunday, June 3, 2012

The severe hot climate and electricity shortage: The Government of Andhra Pradesh is anti-people...?

The average temperature in most states in India are very high expect fro Kerala, Himalayan states and the North Eastern states. Most Indian states are recording record temperature which very unbearable. It is not possible for any government or leaders to stop the wrath of God - the severe, boiling heat...!

But the government (leaders and ministers) which has taken oath to protect the lives and properties of the people entrusted to it care, has a responsibility to take adequate steps to atleast provide uninterrupted electricity power to the people particularly in such extreme climatic conditions.

The Government of Andhra pradesh is facing the ire of the people in many issues specially for failing to supply power when it is most needed. Many people are wondering and asking whether there is a government at all in Andhra Pradesh. Most of the Ministers and leaders are spending all their time and efforts to take revenge on their political rivals and to save their chairs. No one is seemed to be involved in any welfare activities or projects. Even the people who backed and supported the Congress Party for decades are mourning grievously ... seeing the anti-people policies of those rulers whom they voted and gave power.


  1. We need development, we need growth, we want to be developed nation, we are approaching 2020, We need strong dynamic and proven leader, I am damn sure CBN will be back, currently anti incumbency is highly prevailing and no educated person will vote for corrupt & monarch jagan.

    cheers mate

  2. Very hot climate in states like Andhra Pradesh should be given equal importance to that of natural calamities like cyclone and tsunamis.

    This years heat remained above 45 degrees for nearly 20 days.

    But the authorities drastically failed to supply at least uninterrupted power for the people who suffered due to the unbearable heat...!

    So there is only one solution:
    Make your own solar power-plants at homes at low cost...!


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