Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blasphemous movie 'Innocence of Muslims' Videos, Movies and Cartoons... Punish the film makers, producers and authors

The latest movie 'Innocence of Islam / Muslims' by an American depicting / insulting Prophet Mohammed has already created widespread condemnation and violence by the Muslims and it is spreading to many countries. Even in the past too, there were many instances of creating films and cartoons defaming prophets and hurting the sentiments of millions of people and has claimed hundreds of innocent lives across the globe.

Freedom to speech and expression is granted to the citizens of many countries of the world. Freedom of expression is a good thing. But it should not be misused to insult the revered personalities or persons whom many consider as God, Incarnation of God or messengers of God.

The ones who indulge in such practices of sowing the seeds of enmity  and distress should not be supported or protected by any countries. They should be treated as hard core terrorists and granted  exemplary  punishments so that others will not try to follow suits for cheap and mean publicity, popularity and financial and other advantages.

Recently another incidence of insulting Lord Jesus Christ by a European cartoonist also hurt the sentiments of millions of Christians who believe and worship Lord Jesus as the incarnation of Almighty God. Recently another popular  Indian producer- Anupam Kher is understood to be creating another Religious blasphemous movie which has already created furors among the Christian and Muslim communities.

It is very easy to create a communal unrest.... but it is very difficult to control it...!

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  1. Those who spoil communal harmony and spread the seeds of hatred must by treated and punished as 'terrorists'...!


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