Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barack Obama Wins a Second Term: Congratulations: Obama is the 45th President of the USA

The incumbent President of USA, Barack Obama has once again won as the President of america, in a visually very tough presidential election battle with his opponent, Mitt Romney, with whom he had a neck to neck fight till the end.

After holding speculation for many hours, when the counting of Ohio votes completed and Florida votes in progress turned on his behalf only, President Barack Obama, who was trailing behind Mitt Romney could stabilize his victory.

Obama hugs his wife after the winning news
Though many opinion polls and surveys suggested the victory of Obama, there was huge stress and strain in both candidates camp for many hours. Finally when obama secured the required 270 electoral votes, his victory celebration started across America by his fans and followers. The victorious president immediately tweeted saying, "four more Years" and thanked the people who voted for him.

However, the Republicans are expected to keep majority in the US House of Representatives, the Lower House of US Congress...!!!

Congratulations President Obama ...!

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