Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kerala's Un-Aided (Private) CBSE Teachers paid very poor salaries. Shocking injustice...!

The findings and revalations by leading Malayalam News channel Asianet News on the plight of most Private Un-aided teachers working in the rich and famous CBSE Schools in the state is really shocking. Most poor but highly qualified teachers working in the rich and reputed CBSE Schools are paid very mean and humiliating salaries by the managements.

Kerala State which is known as 'God's own country' is treating 'Teachers' who are considered next to god in purannas. Asianet news investigation has revealed the malafied activities and attitudes of the School and College Managements who are just like butchers collecting huge fees and donations from the parents of the students and paying very little to the teachers who bring fame and name to the institutions.

The funniest fact is that even missionary schools are no different from the individual managements that run educational institutions as an easy business for multiplying one's investment in short time. Both the left and right wing governments hold unholy nexus with these managements and fear to take any action against them or bring some policies in this aspect.

Ironically, The average wage for a daily laborer is about Rs. 700/- and a Post Graduate Teacher is about Rs.100/- or even lesser. Many teachers feel ashamed to tell these facts and the managements take this as an opportunity to take undue advantage of their poor  plight.

Kudos to Asianet for bringing to light such noble hidden issues which other news channels may hesitate for many reasons...!!!

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  1. Education is the best business in Kerala these days. What you've pointed out is just the tip of the iceberg. See the way the govt sold rights to open Senior Sec schools in the state. Asianet, again, brought it to the public attention. It's a shame that the most literate state in India is the most corrupt when it comes to education.


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