Sunday, February 10, 2013

People's Opinion On P.J Kurien's involement in Suryanelli Sex scandal

The main news in Most of Kerala's print and electronic media for the past few days about the alleged involvement of Rajya Sabha deputy chairman, P.J Kurien in the Suryanelli rape case that shook the state about 17 years ago. 

The victim's recent appeal for a fresh probe in that case accusing PJ Kurien as one of the people who raped her then, is considered as a weapon for some groups in the same party working against Kurien for settling political vengeance and some opposition parties that plan to fish from the muddy water...!

Though the sexual crime committed against a minor girl then was very unfortunate, cruel and highly condemnable. The governments (including the LDF) who were in power conducted separate probes to find out whether the sex victim's allegation is true.

The probes and the trials in courts - (the High court of Kerala and the Supreme Court of India) issued verdicts acquitting Kurien and the chapter was considered closed.

But the recent appeal of the victim for a fresh probe has mixed opinions among the people of Kerala. While some consider the demand as genuine and raise their voice for the girl, there is a good number of people who believe that the fresh allegations are mere political to defame P.J Kurien in particular and the Congress Party in general. 

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  1. P.J.Kurien is not a culprit.
    The girl's and her family's intentions raise doubt. Is it political or something else?

  2. let the law of the land look into all these allegations


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