Tuesday, April 2, 2013

K.B.Ganesh Kumar vs Yamini Thankachi: Who is speaking the Truth? Who really assaulted whom...?

K.B. Ganesh Kumar
The turmoil that took place yesterday in Kerala politics was really surprising to one and all. Minister K.B. Ganesh Kumar and his wife Yamini Thankacchy came openly before the media and the courts to file cases against each other, each accusing the other physically and mentally harassed and abused the other.

The verbal fight led to the resignation of the adamant minister who repeatedly told that he would not resign until yesterday midnight, but suddenly submitted his papers to the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy who forwarded it to the Governor of Kerala.

Though each of them claimed that he / she was innocent and it was the other party that manhandled and abused, the truth must be with only one of them.

Either Ganesh Kumar or Yaminy Thankcchi must be bluffing and crying and trying to convince the public of their innocence. 

Yamini Thankachi
Though there are many people who are moved by the tears and weeps of Yamini, there are many who believe that Yamini is trying to misuse the Domestic Violence Act to take undue advantage of the law and gain not only sympathy and empathy, but also the property of K.G. Ganesh Kumar...!

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  1. Yamini seems to be playing some game.
    The truth has to come out.

    Preetha L

  2. K B Ganesh Kumar's character side seems to be very week. He is an actor not only on silver screen but also in real life.

  3. Chakkikkotha Chankaran ... Randuperum Kanakka...!


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