Friday, August 23, 2013

Delhi Girl Gangraped on Dec-16 and Mumbai Photo Journalist gangraped on Aug 22.

While the court procedures like hearing of the case, order of the verdict etc on the notorious Delhi Gang rape case are still going on...another shocking gang-rape of a 22-year woman Photographer of a magazine in the heart of Mumbai by five men has taken place.

It is very unfortunate and extremely a tragic incident. The women, girls and even our small girl children are subjected to sexual atrocities by people with animal instinct.

While only some of these heinous incidents taking places in the cities and metros attract the public anger and support, there are a number of even worse things taking place around the country. Many of them get 'settled' with the village / community 'elders' mostly protecting the actual offenders ...!

As usual there will be expression of shock and contempt statements by our rulers and leaders. But such shocking things recur and continue to repeat without any hurdles.

After the Delhi gang rape incident on December 16th, there was a public cry and huge agitations by people of many parts of the country contemning the incident and asking for stern laws to deal with such offenders in future. 

Many people feel that the punishments awarded to the culprits of such crimes must be very severe and similar to those of some Arab countries ... in public... sending a strong signal and a fear to engage in such activities. 

Unfortunately many people in India have no fear to break or disobey the laws of the land, as they know that the loopholes to escape any punitive steps are stronger than the Indian Penal Codes (IPC) to award suitable punishments to the culprits. 

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