Wednesday, August 7, 2013

JNTU-K JAC (JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE) for Unted Andhra Pradesh (Samaikhya Andhra State): Against Division of A.P. State.

The resentment of the People of Coastal and Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh is growing day-by-day after the announcement of the Congress Working Committee's decision to divide Andhra Pradesh and form a Separate State by name Telengana.

People from all walks of life in the Andhra region are sporadically joining the 'United Andhra Pradesh' struggle. They are all of the opinion that there is no necessity for the state to be divided and a separate Telengana State is needed.

As a part of the Unted Andhra Pradesh Struggle (Anti-Telengana formation), the students of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) at Kakinada have published a blog. 

The JNTUK JAC Blog address (created for the Samaikhyandra [united Andhra Pradesh] Movement ) is

When some sections of the Society from many corners of the Country are fighting for Separate States, on the basis of Communities, The People's Popular Public Opinion is that 'Unity is Strength' and most people are against dividing the Country into small small fragments for certain people's personal selfish gains.

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  1. The politicians who have power are not extending their support to the striking JAC. Are the poor people struggling and suffering in vain.....?



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