Friday, August 9, 2013

Kerala LDF Oppositions Assembly blockade Stir to Disrupt Rain-related Reliefs...?

The proposed Stir of the LDF led Opposition Parties of Kerala Government to block the State Secretariat from August 12th Monday to press the Resignation of the Chief Minister in connection with the Solar Scam is seen by the people with fear and anxiety.

While the LDF led opposition is firm to go ahead with the Strike to block all the entrances of the Secretariat and thus disrupt the government activities, the Government also has made it clear that it will not allow anyone to stop the proceedings of the Secretariat. It has already deployed Central Police companies to face the situation. 

The CPI (M) led opposition, which is used to promoting violence with its innocent cadre, is hopeful that it can win the strike with the help of its activists who are ready for anything.

At the same time, many common people of the state are of the opinion that, when the entire State of Kerala is terribly affected by the rain related calamities,  and all the political parties including the left want the Central Government to declare it as a 'National Calamity', is it proper for the LDF Opposition to disrupt the working of the Government and block the Relief Activities and thus work against the people's wish and welfare.

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