Saturday, August 10, 2013

What (Which) will be the new Capital of Andhra Pradesh State...?

Though the Coastal and Rayalaseema People's strikes and struggles for a united Andhra Pradesh, opposing the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh State and formation of new Telangana State is continuing for about 10 days, there is some hectic lobbying taking place for winning the NEW Capital for the New Andhra State.

As per the agreement of the Central Government, Hyderabad will remain as the common Capital of both the states for a period of 10 years, leaders and people of many Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema cities are trying to get their city as the future Capital of A.P.

Though there are many cities wishing to become the capital, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam and Kurnool are in the fore-front pushing back the aspirations of Tirupati, Rajahmundry and Ongole.

Many people feel that Vijayawada (along with Guntur) is the best choice to become the the Capital of New Andhra Pradesh State in par with Hyderabad-Secunderabad as it is centrally located and has all eligibility criteria.

Some opinion polls conducted by some Telugu TV channels also support this argument.

Though the people of Kurnool have a valid reason of being the past Capital of A.P., more people of the Coastal areas are not in favour of that claim.

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  1. I think, Vijayawada is the best choice to be the new capital of new Andhra Pradesh state.


  2. Why Kakinada or Rajahmundry is also ideal place.

  3. Guntur and Vijayawada.

  4. Why can't we develop 3-4 cities parallely
    Ongole as capital (for Administration)
    As it is a smal town and have a lot of govt lands,we can develop a new planned city without affecting the people in the down in the name of development.

    Vizag(is already a developed one & named as peaceful city)
    Let it make a new IT hub as it is already having an international airport and some other industries.
    It is btr not to make it as capital.

    Vijayawada(Already named asa business capital of AP)
    City is already a congested one....and making it as capital will make it worse...City widening is not possible.

    As the krishna,Guntur,East & West Godavari are famous for their fertile lands & productivity...making the cities in that region will destroy the fields in the name of development.

    As Vizag & Vijayawada are big cities,there will be lots of slums.If they were made as capital,we will be having a capital without any special importance same as the capital of other states.We can develop ongole into small planned city(slum free,ecofriendly)which can become a special place in india without introducing any industries in the area which affects the environment.

    It is btr not to repeat the mistake as we have previously done by concentrating all the development in the hyderabad itself. Let us develop all the cities in seemandhra,with very city having gud infra.

    Anyhow making ongole as a capital won't hampen the other two cities development.As development in capital will take 10 more years ,those two cities will be hot destinations for all the investments.Lets not make them city with over population

    If we have gud administrator as our cm,we can go with this plan. Otherwise this state will go into hell

  5. vizag is best choice road facility and airport railway connectivity more than utthrandhra devloped ap captial city correct loaction vizag and vizianagram

  6. Guntur and Vijayawada


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