Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Who will win (own) the 'Malayali House' Reality show in Surya TV

The reality show telecast on Surya Malayalam TV channel has completed so many episodes. There are mixed opinions and responses from the viewers of this show. 

Many people reportedly watch this program only to see the cheap, narrow, jealous and negative mentality of Malayees which is widely presented by many great people in their speeches and writings. 

We have heard many wise people compare Malayalees to 'crabs' (njandu) in an open box, which never let another one escape....!

The contestants of this program were admired to some (or more) extend by the people for their distinguished talents and individual efficiency. But as their inner hidden self was revealed, people started hating them. Knowingly or unknowingly they are all exhibiting their 'true colors' which probably Malayalees only poses in the whole world (Asuya and Kusumbu), when it comes to another person gaining something.

Dr. G.S Pradeep, a popular quiz master was having some reputation until the people saw his cheap and sub-standard behavior and communication in the Malayali House. Now all who admired him are repenting for being his fans earlier.

There are a number of people who are strongly objecting to this program, which the producers may think as a publicity to get more viewers.  

It is true that, a competition is for winning... but ... a competition conducted for and by Indians, that too Malaylees, there should be some decency and ethics... opine most people who view this program...!

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