Saturday, September 14, 2013 Company's Malls being reopened. Good News for Members.

Nmart Re-Emrging
Many Direct Marketing Companies including Global MLM giants like Amway established their business empire in India which has a vast and fertile soil for MLM business. But Nmart Company enjoys the title as the 'trendsetter' among all the MLM (Network marketing Companies in India. The success of Nmart was the introduction of real FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) used daily by one ans all. 

But basing on the Complaints of some people, the Company CMD Gopal Shekhawat was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh Police and the CMD is remaining in Police custody in A.P. Hence the functioning of the company, the websites, the malls, network business and all its operations were suspended and closed for quite some time. And according to reliable sources, the CMD of the company is trying hard to get bail and when he comes out, all the Nmart lovers believe that the Nmart company will be the one and only leading MLM company in India. 

Many people who Joined and did not Join Nmart started asking those members who recruited them to the business 'What is the future (fate) of Nmart'?

Putting an end to the long wait and anxious concern of Nmart Lovers across the country over the fate of the Company, there is some good news that Nmart Multilevel Marketing Company is re-opining all the Closed Shopping Malls and stores in different phases. In the first phase some 34 shopping malls are re-opened and the business is being carried out as usual.

Click for the list of Re-opened Nmart Stores / Malls across India.

Members who have purchase (shopping) coupons or monthly purchase credits (Rs220/- worth monthly purchase) can use their coupons or cards to purchase from any of these malls. The company website will function only after clearing of some disputes pending on them. 


  1. Nmart is very good and honest MLM business opportunity. The CMD should come out soon. Jay Nmart.

  2. The business plan of Nmart is very good and beneficial for all

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