Monday, September 2, 2013

No Petrol Sale at Night. Government's move to curb petrol sale at night is to help Black Marketers...?

The Government which is ruling the country and the people are elected and empowered by the people. The Prime Minister and other ministers are ruling the country on behalf and for the people only. So any moves and decisions implemented in the country by those peopl's representatives must be for the better benefits and welfare of the citizens.

But many a times, many decisions are taken by many leaders without any fore-thoughts or without much study. While some decisions are taken for their (the ruling parties / persons) personal political benefits, some others are immature and non-planned well.

Many people of the country, including those voted the Present rulers to power, are of the opinion and impression that present financial crisis India is facing is due to the lack of planning and inefficiency of the Prime Minister and other ministers leading the Government.

Many ardent Congress party workers and People with Secular interests fear that these inability of the Manmohan Singh Government would pave way for the BJP to come to power in the next General elections, as the people of the country have no other option....!

The recent move by the petroleum ministry to curb petroleum products sale during night time is widely criticized by most people as a 'Tughlaq's Policy'...! It will create an artificial shortage and an undue rush at the petrol bunks. For any reason those who failed to get petrol / diesel by the specified time (8.00 pm), they will have to rush to the illegal and unofficial petrol outlets, who charge very high amount of money per litre. Most people in the country opine that, if this proposal is implemented, it will greatly help the black marketers and illegal sellers.

Those who rule the state on behalf of the people should remember that they are only representing the people and they have no power of theirs, without the people's mandate.

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