Monday, October 14, 2013

Ramraj Cottons Little Stars on Asianet TV Channel

Ramraj Cottons 'Little Stars' - an exclusive reality show by the talented children of Kerala, launched on Asianet Malayalam entertainment channel on 2013 October 13 (Sunday) between 9.00 pm to 10.00 pm was really rated as one of the best entertainment programs in Malayalam.

The very first episode itself could pin the common viewer to the channel with the astonishing performance of the kids. The 8 year old wonder kid Ashiq was the right choice to be the first performer. His innocent and mischievous conversations have made the television watchers stick on to the channel.

Pooja, who can sing in 25 languages is another wonder. Her first song in 9 world languages was really another shocker for the viewers. But many felt sad when she was awarded only 3 *** stars by the judges, as all expected that she too will win 5 stars....!

Nayan Krishna who performed next also displayed a beautiful magic drama show which was good with a nice message.  

Parents of talented kids, desirous to participate can contact Asianet TV through e-mail with 3 photgraphs and a bio-data to:


  1. Nice program.
    Awaiting for more interesting episodes.

  2. The first episode of Ramraj Little Stars was very interesting.
    Congrats to the producers....


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