Sunday, December 8, 2013

Congress Candidates Lose in The State Election 2013: Congress Party Loses Miserably in the Semi-finals of 2014 General Elections.

As the Results of the four State Assembly Elections is coming in, The ruling Congress Party at the center is apparently trying to learn the truth, what its wrong advisers were telling it is completely 'wrong' and the reality is something different from what they were believing.

People of the country gave their mandate to the Present UPA Government for another time, to rule their Country and safe guard their interests. But the present government has utterly failed to control the rise of corruption or the steep hike in oil, gas and other commodities or to lead the country towards prosperity.

On the other hand they behaved in such a way, sending a message to the people that the country is permanently entrusted to their care and custody. They never bothered that the people who gave them power can withdraw it from them. 

It is very unfortunate that the Congress Party started by our fore-fathers was to brought to utter shame by the so called leaders who acted against the guidelines of the party founders. People are of the opinion that the present leaders should be prosecuted for leading the party astray in such a pathetic and shameful situation.

It is a strong message to all the governments ruled (or lead) by the Congress Party. Though the Delhi Government by C.M Sheila Dikshit was doing well by the majority of people's opinions, even she was forced to face defeat because of the strong anti-congress feelings at the center. If this is her (one of the best CMs of India) what is going to be the fate of other Chief Ministers who are sunk in corruptions, partiality and controversies.....!

Please watch the live [real time] election counting results of the 2013 state Polls. Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh by Yahoo.

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