Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dean Kuriakose UDF vs Joyce George LDF in Idukki: Who will win?

As the elections for the Lok Sabha seats is nearing, all the concerned Political Parties and their allies are trying their best to win each seat throughout the country not only as it a matter of prestige for every one but also it is a do or die situation for some.

Idukki Parliamentary seat has become a talk spot as the High range protection committee (with the support of the diocese) has openly fielded a candidate its legal adviser Joyce George for the first time with the support of the CPI(M) led Left Democratic front.

The open attack of the Idukki Bishop on the UDF's candidate Dean Kuriakose and the facebook post of V.T Balaram in retaliation to the Bishops comments, all will have significant effects on the ensuing elections' results.

People are anxiously watching to know which alliance in Kerala will show their might as Idukki seat is concerned.

The ruling Oommen Chandi Government has performed satisfactorily barring the shameful involvement of most of the Congress (UDF) leaders in the Saritha S Nair sex and corruption scandal and the alleged political interference of the top persons to protect the accused.

On the other hand, the CPI(M) which has evidently and clearly backed or directly involved in the gruesome cold blooded murder of T.P Chandra Sekharan has once again distancing itself from the common man who wants to lead a peaceful life.

Many voters feel that, If the Aam Aadmi Party could put a base in Kerala earlier, it would have been a threat to both the existing corrupt fronts in Kerala with which many average people are vexed...!

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  1. The LDF candidate only will win in Idukki this time...


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