Saturday, July 19, 2014

P C George floats new Organization ACDF (Anti-Corruption Democratic Front) in Kerala

There is another breaking news for news lovers. The Kerala Government's chief whip and Kerala Congress (M) Leader who is a news maker and news breaker with his controversies, has finally decided to launch a new organization by name Anti-Corruption Democratic Front (ACDF). Even though, some Political and Social leaders have come forward to support his movement now, it is watched keenly with enthusiasm how long one can be associated with him. 

Though PC George claims that it is purely a mass movement against corruption, it is expected that he plans to convert it as a separate political party in course of time if everything goes in favor. 

There are many people particularly Keralites, who really wish to see the corruption which is like a Cancer that is killing the society and the country eliminated and cured. And when the Aam Aadmi Party floated by Arvind Kejriwal created waves, many common man thought that it will do something against corruption.

Though PC George is having a strong support base in some parts of South -Central Kerala as he acts and reacts for the people's concerns quickly and sharply, many people think that he lacks maturity to head a party or organization as he often speaks 'un-parliamentary' languages in public and is too immature to speak politely and decently. 

However lets us hope that he is successful in weeding out corruption at least to some extend and the youth and the common man joins hands with him and strengthens his movement...!

Please see the official blog of P C George:

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