Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Debate: Whether Liquor should be Totally Banned in Kerala?

The battle between the supporters of liquor mafia and those against it in Kerala aka God's own country which started some months ago, is increasing day-by-day and the debate is becoming more serious with more people and communities joining the 'anti-liquor' crusade each day.

From the beginning, the Kerala Pradesh Congress Chief V.M Sudheeran was against the renewal of the bars that are closed. He has been advocating for a step-by-step of liquor ban in Kerala. 

But the Chief minister Oommen Chandy who was strongly backing the excise minister K. Babu who wanted to re-open the closed bars, is slowly withdrawing as more and more partners of the UDF including the Kerala Congress (M) and the IUML have openly supported the PCC chief's stand for a total and permanant prohibition in the state.

The Catholic Church which is very prominent in Kerala has also raised its voice for total ban of liquor in Kerala.

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  1. A long cherished desire of millions of mothers, sisters and children is getting delayed due to some spineless leaders. This is not a simple need of this hour but it is an emergency decision to be taken to safeguard our family and culture or absolutely the next generation. Why, Why Govt takes this much apprehension in implementing such public interest. Are you protecting Mafias or Liquor kings for your next election result? . Entire Kerala consciousness eagerly waiting for this decision. If you get behind at this point of time, not only you but all poor families finally our generation will be losing the battle.

  2. Among my friends, the most frequent and capable drinkers are from Kerala. That is not a chide but a compliment. Drinking is not bad but overconsumption of anything is. I don't know whether this bad is a good thing for Kerala but I am sure that people I know would be a lot disappointed to return home...


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