Thursday, August 21, 2014

Finally the Kerala Government succumbs to the 'Anti-Liquor campaigners: Liquor ban begins gradually.

Finally Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and the Excise Minister K. Babu who were adamant in their efforts to re-open the 420 closed bars in the state for hygiene and sub quality reasons, were forced to give-up their stand unable to withstand the anti-liquor campaign of KPCC President V.M Sudheeran getting the full support of the Christian and Muslim Communities and the women beyond party and communal lines.

Though all preach and pass statements against the use of liquor and drugs specially by the younger generations, only some show guts to stop this evil which is one of the main reasons for many crimes and family disputes.

The CM in a press statement made it clear that 'all bars in the state hotels below 5 star status' will be closed soon. And the government is planning for a total prohibition in the state within 10 years from now.

Though many people welcome this move happily, there is anxiety on the other side. Like most government mechanisms that fail in implementing government decisions, many people opine that this will also give rise to chances of corruption through illicit brewing and making country-made liquor and flow of duplicate spirit based drinks from other states.

It will be very difficult for those who are habituated to booze (as Kerala is one of the states in India to consume more alcohol in India) to give up the habit immediately, but this will show great change in God's Own Country in the years to come...!


  1. you do have the largest consumption in kerala !

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