Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hope International Super Specialty Hospital, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

The Announcement by 'Palaparti Super Specialty Hospitals Pvt Ltd' a Health care firm promoted by a globally popular humanitarian and world renowned medical Dr. Silas J Charles and his wife Vasantha Charles to open a super specialty world class hospital in Kakinada by the end of 2014 is a great boon to the people living in and around the port city.

The Proposed Hospital is expected to have 300 beds in a built up area of more than 3,26,000 sq ft. As per the estimation, the project is to cost more than Rs 107 Crores and the facilities are expected to be of international standards.

It was a long wish of the people of Kakinada to have a high class hospital in the city. The Kakinada branch of the Apollo Hospital is not to the expectation of the people. There are numerous complains from the people about the functioning of many of its departments, particularly its 'cardiology department' and some say it is only plundering money by deceiving the patients. There are many incidents of allegations and complaints from the family members of some diseased cases that the hospital authorities are deliberately keeping the dead bodies for many days 'after death' falsely informing the relatives that the patient is in ICU undergoing treatment just to charge more money from the kin of the diseased person.

A Compassionate Management with 'A Mission with a Vision', Selfless Doctors, service-minded nurses and polite and dedicated staff make a hospital the best.

Lets hope that the newcomer will be a real boon to the people to render quality health care at affordable cost as all the above mentioned criteria are apparently found in it and best suited with it.

The website of Hope International Hospital in Kakinada is:


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