Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Say NO to 'Kiss of Love' event in Kochi, Kerala on November 2nd. Ban it and Prevent it.

Kiss of Real Love
Some young people are giving online and offline calls for an event to be held in Kochi' Marine Drive of
Kerala on November 2nd Sunday, 2014. The event is named as 'Kiss of Love' and apparently the aim of the organizers is to show their strength and gather as many persons as possible to enact some vulgar shows to attract and misguide the gullible people specially the youngsters. 

Many wise and concerned citizens feel that 'Kiss of Love' is another war on our culture, history and tradition. So there are many people who opine that this show and such shows must be banned and discouraged, otherwise such events will give motivation and wrong inspiration for those people who seek instant publicity by any means to organize even more dangerous things in future like the 'world naked bike ride'...

To express their strong protest against 'moral policing' and to counter attack those who infringe upon the personal freedom of individuals who resort to damage the Indian culture by adapting some vulgar and nasty means done in some countries, some people have formed a Facebook Group and many persons have reportedly joined this.

Giving a kiss to someone we love is quite common, but certain things that are done privately must be done so. Publicly showing intimate scenes will do more damage to the society and the generation to lead our country further....!

Please stay away from it and discourage it. Parents, Teachers, Guardians, Elders, Political leaders, Religious gurus and everyone... please see that your loved ones not only participate in such things but even works to dissuade their friends and neighbors. 


  1. God's own country has become the Lunatics' own country. Vivekananda was right.

    1. Yes Sir. Vivekanada was right saying so then, and you are right repeating it now.

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