Monday, December 29, 2014

Ningalkkum Akaam Kodeeswaran (NAK) Season 3: Episodes 1 Onward

The most awaited day is finally here. 2014 December 29 Monday. Hundreds of thousands of fans of Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran's (NAK) reality TV game show have been anxiously waiting for this day for the commencement of the Season 3 of this most popular Malayalam show by Actor Suresh Gopi on Asianet TV channel.

Though the host of this show Suresh Gopi who earned the wrath of some sections of the Kerala society with his un-parliamentary comments on the Chief Minister of Kerala some time back, the people seem to have overlooked those bitter experiences for the sake of his popular show.

There are many ordinary persons who became lakhpathis (laksha prabhus) over night through NAK who got a chance to participate in this game show and win some money with their knowledge and sometimes with luck. 

The luckiest and smartest person who got a chance to participate in this show can earn up to one crores through this program. This is said to be the biggest reality TV game in the world.

Though the organizers amass a lot of money through the SMS charges and advertisements, a good portion of it is distributed to some deserving smart persons and hence it has many takers.

Click this link to watch today's / yesterday's episode (all the episodes) if you missed the program because of Power failure or your work schedule.

And for Kandu Kondu Nedam Daily (Today's) Viewers Questions asked during the show for instant prizes without auditions.

You may also watch this site that gives more updated and latest information about Ningalkkum Akam Kodeeswaran (NAK) Season 3 and the videos and kanukondu nedam (viewers questions).

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