Sunday, January 11, 2015

Manorama Newsmaker 2014 is Manju Warrier

Popular Malayalam Actress Manju Warrier who made a grant return to the public life after the marriage breakdown with actor Dileep, was chosen as the Manorama News-Maker 2014.

The poll was attended by more than five lakhs viewers and readers of Malayala Manorama. She became the final winner of the four finalists.

Though she was liked by the Keralites for her unique way of action, she gained more love and affection after she was abandoned by her ex husband actor Dileep. Her courageous stand taken at the court during the time of divorce regarding husband's property, money or daughter, was also a matter of great appreciation. 

Manju Warrier was also selected as the official ambassador of 'Kerala's she taxi'

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  1. Congratulations Manju .

    1. Yes, she deserves it.
      Thank you for visiting and adding your comment.

  2. Hai I'm from Tamil nadu, recently I read the news of
    Manju warrier newsthat she started a womens collective for the actress in the industry.its great thing to do.. let other actress also follow this. cheers !!!

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