Monday, February 2, 2015

How to check / track Andhra Pradesh / Telengana Pension status online?

Thanks to the revolution in the technological field and the implementation of the same by most states and the central government, the common people are able to get the latest position of their various cases and files of applications submitted to various departments.

Hundreds of government employees are getting retired every month from all state governments and application files are lodged with the pension departments for their retirement benefits and monthly pension.

After successfully sending (submitting) a retired government employees pension files to the concerned department, the status of the cases can be easily tracked online and checked.

When to send (file) pension proposals?

The department urges those getting retired to submit their pension proposals six months prior to their retirement to get the pension amount sanctioned immediately from the month of  retirement.

Simple steps to check pension latest status:

Step 1. Click the official website of A.P. and Telengana Accounts General:


Step 2.  Click on the month of submission of the files:

Step 3.  Click 'edit' on the menu bar (on the upper left side) and click 'find'
               or Press Ctrl + f to go directly to the search page.

Step 4.  When the search box appears, write the name of the pensioner
                    or the IVRS number and click find button.

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