Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Liquor Mafia sells alcohol above MRP rates again in Andhra Pradesh

The latest news aired just now in Leading Telugu News channel TV9 about the rise of liquor mafia in some parts of the new Andhra Pradesh state particularly in Ananthapuram is confirming the recent rumor being spread among the people that the ruling Telugu Desam Party has indirectly given a  nod to all its party workers and cadres to make money by hook or crook!

The previous Congress led Government (which ruled for two consecutive terms) could not win even one single seat anywhere in Andhra Pradesh in the past elections due to many reasons, one of them is the 'liquor mafia' led by its then APCC president and excise minister Botcha Satyanarayana and his huge scams related to IMFL and wine shops.

It was earlier reported here about the way how the liquor bottles were sold above the MRP rates in Andhra Pradesh state in 2011 according to the whims and fancies of the wine shop owners at alcohol outlets.

Please refer to our earlier posts about that:

And at last the High Court of Andhra Pradesh had to interfere in this matter and direct the liquor syndicate mafia to sell all the brewed spirit at the MRP printed on the bottles.

If any persons, parties or governments which came to power by offering many false promises to the voters and once grabbing power think that they cannot be touched, they are wrong. The power of the voters NOW is not NOT as it used to be earlier.


  1. Any government comes in to Andhra pradesh,The liquor mafia wins it and get their things done because every side has its own crooks for their greedy wishes to be fulfilled.Naidu is so notorious in making money by real estate and other businesses through his benamis. Perhaps he is the most richest chief minister of India as cited by Tehelka once.

    1. When are the Indian voters going to become wise and .....
      when are we going to have real selfless and corrupt-free leaders ....?


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