Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Safari TV Channel's Surprise offer for Children below 15 years

Safari TV is probably the first of its kind TV channel in Asia dedicated fully for world tourism and travel. It is the first of its kind in the world from a person known as Santhosh George Kulangara who has dedicated his whole life for undertaking sometimes very risky and adventuress travel alone most parts of the world capturing many exquisite photos on his camera and sharing his journey experiences since his youth-hood.

The visual travelogue TV series aired on Asianet Malayalam TV 'Sancharam' is very popular as it benefited many people to see the exciting places in the world.

The Full time TV channel by name: Safari TV launched by the world famous traveler in November 2013 is mainly telecasing his world tour programs and important historical incidents of the world and India.

Safari TV channel aired on Sundirect (channel no. 221) and Videocon (channel number 646) DTH services are recommended for family viewing particularly for children and students.

Recently the channel has announced some great surprise offer for children below 15 years of age. To be selected for the same children (or parents) are advised to apply through mobile phone.

Safari TV SMS format:

Type Safari <space> Birth Month <space> Birth Date <space> Birth year <space> Name and send to 56767

Example:   SAFARI   DECEMBER   16   2007  JOSEPH 
                    send to 56767

For further information contact the official telephone numbers of Safari TV channel:  

Tel: (+91 4822) 251 066, 252 066, 251 466, 251 219, 252 895


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