Monday, February 2, 2015

Shamitabh movie official trailer: reviews, comments and opinions on 'kiss my ass monkey' dialogue

Scores of fans of legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan popularly and affectionately called as Big B across the globe are anxiously awaiting for the release of his new upcoming film 'Shamitabh' with Tamil new generation star Dhanush.

The film which is written and directed by R. Balki (R. Balkrishnan) is jointly produced by many popular produces like Balki, Sunil Lulla, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, R. K. Damani, Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek BachchanSunil Manchanda and Dhanush is expected to be a super-hit both in theaters and in the box offices. 

The title of the movie 'SHAMITABH' is derived from the names of the lead actors DHANUSH + AMITABH BACHCHAN

Kamal Hasan's second daughter 'Akshara Hasan' is pairing with Dhanush as the heroine of this movie.

Though release of the movie is eagerly awaited by a lot of film fans, certain dialogues and clippings in the film such as 'kiss my ass monkey' by the new comer heroine Akshara to the hero Dhanush and the actor kissing the buttocks of the actress, have started getting criticisms from some quarters. Some people feel that such dialogues and scenes are below standard and obscene for the Indian audience.

Watch the official First trailer of Shamitabh movie with English sub titles:

Watch the official Second trailer of Shamitabh movie with English sub titles in which the 'kiss my ass monkey' scene is shown:


  1. who bothers about audience, what matters is the box-office collections

    1. Yes, you are right.
      Thanks for the visit and comment.

  2. Bollywood film songs have more obscene lines... who cares! Box office collection matters only... I second Arora Sir...


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