Friday, February 20, 2015

Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms, Precautions, Prevention, Treatment

Our country India is leaping forward towards growth and development in most areas. We are developing  advanced missiles and warheads. Even yesterday our great scientists successfully test fired nuclear capable Prithvi-II missile. We have even made a world record recently by making the 'MARS MISSION' very successfully at a very low cost comparatively. 

Hats off to ALL persons behind these great achievements...!

But unfortunately the value of human lives are also considered as very cheap by the rulers and public servants in India. Persons who are elected and appointed by the people of the country to safe guard their lives and property comfortably forget that they are only the representatives and have to fulfill the wish of the people. 

Many a times, they are also not remembering that they have to act sharply in times of natural and man made calamities to protect the country and its people.

Let's take the recent outbreak of deadly Swine Flu also known as H1N1 in some states of India some months back. Knowing very much that this disease as quite disastrous and highly contagious, our Rulers, leaders or authorities took very little care to eradicate it in the starting stage without spreading fast and claiming many precious lives.

Now day-by-day we are hearing the news of many lives succumbing to swine flu and though officially the death toll is declared as about 1000, people say it is many times more than that figure. Now we here statements being delivered by concerned ministers asking people not to panic...!

So as we cannot expect much from the governments or authorities, it is the duty of the people like us to know and educate our near and dear ones and save their precious lives. So it is a must for everyone to know the symptoms of H1N1 and the precautions that should be taken to curb it from spreading and grabbing more lives.

Let us hope that our governments and leaders get compassionate hearts with true love and concern for the people instead of just enjoying power positions...!


  1. Informative post. Its truly scary as people are losing life in geometric proportions. May God save us all.

  2. It is unfortunate that things have come to such a state.

  3. Our rulers, leaders and authorities are far too busy minting money and lazying around to actually think about the welfare of society.

    Soulful - I belong to you, you to me


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