Thursday, April 30, 2015

Debate: Are the Laws of the Land afraid of Political Influence?

There has been a number of incidents when and where the common people witnessing the powerful and mighty laws of the land pathetically becoming too weak and inactive before the criminals who are affluent politically, socially and ergonomically.

We all know that the Indian constitution was compiled, prepared and drafted by many good, great and learnt Indians under the dynamic leadership of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Within the ambit of this constitution, many rules and laws are being enacted by the elected representatives of the people for the welfare and well-being of all the citizens of the country. The constitution of India has guaranteed 'Equal justice for all'.

But many a times, we sadly witness these powerful laws miserably becoming too weak and helpless when it has to deal with the rich and the influential  people. These laws are often very powerful and show all their might on poor and hapless persons. But before the politically, socially and economically mightier ones, the law sometimes become blind. 

The news that shook once again the country following the incident that took place in Punjab today (April 30, 2015) is the latest example for this. A poor 35-year-old mother and her 14-year-old teenage daughter were molested by the private bus staff and when they resited their attempt to rape they wer pushed out of the bus and the daughter died while the mother is seriously injured and battling for life in a hospital. 

Following the tragic sexual harassment and killing of 'nirbhaya' in Delhi, stronger laws were enacted to deal with the people who indulge in cruel sexual violence on woman and it was backed and vouched by the entire population of the country.

It was reported that no one was arrested until the authorities saw a national out cry, even many hours after such cruelty was done and people naturally raised their eye brows to find out the fact that the bus was owned by none other that the Chief Minister of Punjab, Sukhbir Bada...!

Even the last grade staff of an influential person or politician in our country strongly feel that they can do anything and no laws or rules can do anything against them. This is the mentality of most people throughout the country. Even a relative of a far relative of an MLA's / MP's driver, feels and thinks that he is immune to the laws and behaves accordingly....!!!


  1. I didn't know the bus was owned by CM of Punjab.
    I too feel laws of land are afraid of political bigwigs.

  2. Very sad state of affairs! I have seen police play subservient to the political bosses many times.

  3. how many of us who rant against politicians are willing to follow rules and laws? are willing to stand in a queue? do our jobs with total commitment? situation is rather dismal,

  4. The govts in India (both Central and Local) have become mafias!

  5. Though it is said that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, but the actual condition is not at all like that. As you said, laws take different dimensions according to the social standing of the people. Sad state of affairs, indeed.

  6. Thanks dear everyone for participating in the debate and posting valuable comments above.


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