Friday, April 10, 2015

Flowers TV Malayalam Interesting shows started Watch Online

Putting an end to the impatient wait of scores of Malayalam TV lovers around the globe, the much talked new entertainment TV channel 'Flowers' is ready for its regular transmission from Sunday, 12th April, 2015 (morning 7.00 am).

The promoters of the channel who asked the people to await anxiously for the launching of the exciting entertainment shows 24x7 must now prove their mettle by airing attractive and high standard shows to gain more and more viewers to it to sustain the tough competition. 

Some of the starting attractions which are expected to be super hits according to the flowers TV website are:

Comedy Super Nite (watch here) on the official youtube site:


Star Challenge (watch here) :

Other than these there are also some serials to attract the women viewers who are the success behind most entertainment channels...!

Best of Luck.


  1. Your blog is in my blogs list in order by the most recently updated.

    1. Thank you and God Bless. I saw it.
      I have added your blog also in my spiritual blogs list ''.
      Hope you have noticed.
      You are most welcome to visit my blogs and add your comments often.

  2. always enjoy reading your posts, sir :-) thank you for sharing :-)

    1. So ... Nice of You.
      Thanks a lot for your frequent visits and kind comments...!

  3. I used to watch Asia net and others....will try flowers next time.

    1. Flowers TV promoters claim that it is the first of its kind in India and the third in the whole world.
      So watch it to see something new and different.


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